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Let's Snap Together – Exercise 6: Amplified Perspective

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

point of view refers to the position from which we, as photographers, take a picture. Perspective is the apparent spatial relationship between objects that occurs as a result of our position. The viewpoint can dramatically change the feeling of a picture, or perception of an object because it amplifies perspective

As a young girl, I recall seeing the Electrical Parade during my very first trip to Disneyland. What I remember most about that day was a sign that was placed at the entrance of most of the best rides. According to the placard I wasn’t tall enough to go on these rides because the top of my head didn’t reach the bottom of the sign. But I did manage to get a curbside seat for the parade. Countless lighted floats and illuminated walkabout characters marched past me. They seemed gigantic and magical. Decades later, I returned to Disneyland with my goddaughter and together we watched the Electrical Parade. This time while still beautiful, it didn’t seem quite so majestic. That is until I looked down and saw my goddaughter’s face. Her point of view created that magical perspective I experienced when I was her age. She was enraptured. And, I was moved to tears watching her be awestruck. Her perspective was amplified by her viewpoint of the parade. Mine was amplified by my view of her experience.

Sometimes when our perspective or “outlook” seems limited or dim it helps to change our point of view. As photographers, we might move our feet, look up or down, or apply a lens with a different focal length. We can accomplish the same in our lives when we are willing to view a situation from another position. We listen to a different tune. We try on a new pair of shoes. We let change re-inform us.

Today find a subject and take a point of view that creates a photograph with an amplified perspective. Share it with the hashtag #snapwithme2020.


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