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Let's Snap Together – Exercise 10: Abstraction

We create an abstract photograph when we make an image that does not attempt to be an accurate depiction of a subject or reality. Instead, it shows shape, color, texture, and form for aesthetic effect.

Photo by Daniel Rose on Unsplash

Some consider the purpose of making abstracts to be ‘art for art’s sake.’ The act of creation itself validates creative output. While others believe the art, even when it is not representational, should try and follow the forms and patterns found in nature. In either case, abstract photography is freeform expression. It stands in opposition to our desire to resolve ambiguity. It asks us to look at the familiar with fresh eyes. It cultivates an attitude of wonder.

Making abstracts offers us the freedom to explore for exploration’s sake. We can color outside the lines, even erase them altogether. It is humming no particular tune but making a joyful noise just the same. It is skipping through the park without knowing where you are going. It’s letting your imagination takes the lead. It is good, creative therapy for the soul.

For today try to suspend your attachment to the way objects and subjects should appear in a photograph and create an abstraction. Share your results with #snapwithme2020.


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