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Let's Snap Together – Exercise 12: Capturing Motion

Both the camera and our brains love movement – motion, and emotion. Even in what appears to be the most static image, there is movement, a leading line, a golden triangle, a sense of direction. Our eyes dart across the frame led by the arrangement and proportion of images.

Photo by Denys Argyriou on Unsplash

But the camera can also freeze motion. It can make a runner still or a drop of water pause in mid-air. It can draw out emotion – it can move us to tears or make us laugh out loud. Photography by its very nature is evocative.

When we allow ourselves to be moved, we momentarily suspend the barriers that we erect to block our own vulnerability. For just an instance we are suspended like the runner or water droplet. We can then examine ourselves, our situations, and our transitions from one experience to another with compassion.

For today’s photo challenge, catch motion. If you have a camera with a variable shutter speed and a tripod, you might try creating a motion blur. Or, you may simply seek out an arrangement of images that has its own inherent sense of motion. Please share your creation with us by posting and using the hashtag #snapwithme2020.


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