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STEP 1: Realize You Are The Camera

There's a joke about a famous photographer who goes into a fine restaurant. As he is being seated, he is greeted by the chef. The chef recognizes the photographer. He says, "You are a great photographer. You must have an amazing camera."

Later, after the photographer has finished his meal, the chef returns and asks him in he enjoyed his dinner. To which the photographer replies, "It was quite delicious. You must have an amazing oven."

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

It's the person behind the camera that makes a picture. The one who finds the subject, creates the composition, focuses the lens and snaps the shutter is the creator. The camera is merely a mechanical tool that is used to record what has been observed and studied by its master. FINDING a subject to OBSERVING its shape, texture and how the light falls upon it, COMPOSING an image, UTILIZING the elements of art as well as our camera, and SNAPPING the shutter; these are all choices. To truly craft an image one must be in the present moment, mindful of your surroundings and actively engaged in the act of creation. I believe we can apply this same FOCUS to discover new insights about our world and, perhaps innovate solutions to some of the challenges we face.

I find the practice of photography can be both a source of calm and invigoration for me. It brings me back to center. Perhaps it can do the same for you and we can create community. Let's snap together.


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