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STEP 2: Slow Photography – Cultivate Mindfulness


We live in a world where most of us already have a camera in our pocket. We snap pictures continually, sometimes mindlessly as we go about our day. But the creative journey we are about to embark on together is one of contemplation. It is slow photography. At its best, it is a process where we look and consider before we snap. We compose our frame. We mark our time. We pause and take a breath.

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

Many artists discover that as they engage in their practice they enter an altered state of being. It is an intense period of focus during which the distractions of the outside world seem to disappear. They are so engaged with the creation process they may even lose track of time. This state of flow can be a brief respite from the stress of everyday problems. It's a mini-retreat that can help refresh the senses.

Some times this state of being comes naturally. At others, we need to encourage our minds to slow down. We need to become present before we can find flow.

By incorporating breath work into our photography practice, we can encourage the mindfulness that can may help bring us into flow. Follow these steps:

  1. Find your subject/object

  2. Make note of the elements you are focusing on. For example: “I see pattern.”

  3. Frame your subject/object through the viewfinder of your camera

  4. Take a deep breath in for the count of four

  5. Click the shutter

  6. Exhale slowly for the count of four.

  7. Repeat as desired

Let's begin.


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