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Exercise 1: Seeing Pattern

Photo by Julien Moreau on Unsplash

pattern is a regularity in the world, found in human-made design, abstract ideas or nature. The elements of a pattern always repeat in a predictable manner. 

Our lives tend to fall into a pattern, an arrangement of ideas, actions and interactions that repeat. We arise, we dress, we go to work, etc; and, our brains love that because it understands what will happen next.

Recent events have disrupted our arrangement of ideas and actions. It has limited our interactions with others. It’s disconcerting. For some, it is a slight inconvenience. For others, it feels as though the suspension of life as we know it, even for a short period, will mean prolonged disaster.

The idea that we may not have control over the arrangement of our lives propels us into chaos. But from chaos comes new form – new patterns, ideas, another way of being.

If we look closely, we’ll see that the essential rhythms of life still exist and we can find evidence of this in the patterns that surround us.

Today’s challenge is to find a pattern and take a moment to photograph it. Share it with the hashtag #snapwithme2020.


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